Your Ego Won’t Like This…

Your ego will resist anything that threatens it losing its grip, which is why it resists love, particularly you loving you.

Love melts the ego. That’s a scary prospect for the ego. It doesn’t want to disappear!

The last thing your negative ego wants is you loving yourself, for the more you do, the less reign it will have. The ego wants to survive and thrive.

By contrast, the worse you feel about yourself, the more the ego can sneak in the door of your consciousness with its traps and snares.

When we lack self-love we are more vulnerable to the negative ego’s agendas, however they may show up, be that as guilt, judgment, fear, victimhood, control, drama, blame, sabotage, superiority / inferiority, etc.

Love, on that other hand, flips the switch and creates miracle shifts!

Give yourself the gift of feeling purely, unconditionally, unwaveringly, deeply, unabashedly loved!

The more you love yourself, the more you allow in love from any other source, including Source itself.

Wherever you’re at, whatever age or phase of life, whatever you’re going through, self-love makes that immeasurable difference.

That will show up in all manner of beautiful ways in your inner and outer realities, including greater joy, ease, flow, blessings and abundance.

When you love yourself there’s less for the ego to get its hooks into. You can rest in that love, truth and beauty of your wondrous self.

Your Higher Self is ever-ready for you to open to and receive the incredible love that is there for you in every moment, a love that will open the doors to all that is in your highest.

Your Higher Self knows how different your life would be if you truly began to love yourself and allow love more fully into your life.

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