Welcome To Life Power!

In order to get the most out of this material it is important that you dedicate some time each day (we suggest at least 30 minutes) to the practice of renewing your mind and changing your thought patterns.

Since one size does not fit all we have provided access to a variety of tools to help you accomplish the goal of improving your quality of life and realizing your FULL POTENTIAL.

WARNING!!! This isn't about wishful thinking. This is about the Science of Thought and Action!

The real shift in your energy will begin to take root the moment you are 100% committed to it. When you take that first step towards creating a more informed, aware and empowered you, the Universe will follow. You will feel it!

You'll have more energy, clarity, focus, motivation and be able to sense what real success feels like! When you are committed to the GREATEST POSSIBLE FUTURE, you will have already increased your natural ability to magnetize anything that you desire.

We are always sending out an emotional Energetic Blueprint into the Universe, emotionally communicating what we want and what we don't want. Whatever we are FEELING and focusing our attention on is exactly what we are MANIFESTING or CREATING for ourselves.

There is one major obstacle you will need to overcome if you want to create your best life. You cannot manifest what you DESIRE if it contradicts what you BELIEVE. Clearing deep seated negative beliefs and thought patterns is the first step in the process of creating massive positive change in your life.

Make A Decision

If you knew there was ONE THING you could do today--from right where you are--that would set in motion the life you've always dreamed about... WOULD YOU DO IT?

What if by doing this ONE THING you could bust free from the shackles holding you back from everything you TRULY WANT in life and unleash an absolute avalanche of abundance... WOULD YOU DO THIS ONE THING? Because BEFORE any technology or product will make a difference... YOU MUST DO THIS ONE THING. The ONE THING you can and must do in order to create the life you crave is...


It's an absolute, point of no return, it's gonna happen, no going back type unalterable commitment to a specific outcome. Making a REAL DECISION today can change your DESTINY. It really is THAT BIG and THAT IMPORTANT. Look at your life right now. If it's not what you want (in any area) you can CHANGE IT. It all starts with a DECISION.

Agree With the Present

Many people are afraid to agree with the present moment if they are unhappy with what is going on. They believe that by acknowledging and agreeing with it they will remain stuck there. However, the opposite is true. As long as you are pushing against the present moment, your focused energy is there and you are creating more of the same. When you say to yourself, “This is where I am and it’s okay,” then you open space for change.

Make A List

In order to accomplish the goal of creating a better life it is important that you make a list of the areas of your life that you want to improve. You can start by listing and concentrating on 5 things you would like to change about your current situation.

Next you will want to list what steps you can take right now to initiate change in those areas. Don't allow a lack of current resources to stand in your way. Even if it's simply that you are open to allowing the Universe to bring situations, circumstances and people into your life to help initiate the change you desire, write it down!

Keep A Journal

Keep a journal with your thoughts, feelings and experiences. This will help you process the information you are gathering in your journey. It can also be a great aid in tracking your progress. If you feel you are lacking in some area write out what you think may be causing that feeling and what steps you can take to remedy it. Always leave room for the Universe to provide you with answers and solutions even if nothing is apparent in your current reality to deal with the situation. We only know a small part of the workings of the universe—what we have experienced or heard about. That is infinitesimal compared to what is really out there and available. When we decide that what’s going on right now can’t possibly be part of our desired outcome, we limit the universe to the tiny bit we know, when we could have access to SO MUCH MORE!

Be Honest With Yourself

Don't try to whitewash your inner fears, negative emotions or thought patterns. You need to face these head on. Ask yourself "Why do I feel this way? What is the root cause of this? What do I need to change in my thinking?" Much of what we call "reality" is an illusion created by our conscious and sub-conscious mind. Negative experiences, beliefs and thought patterns from the past can disrupt our entire lives unless we face them head on and clear them. You can expect some kickback when you begin to change your thought patterns as this threatens to unseat the old mental power structure that was controlling you.

When negative thoughts and emotions arise you need to address the root cause of them as if they were a person sitting across from you. Acknowledge the presence of  your negative thoughts and emotions and say "Yes, I acknowledge that this happened. I am sorry for whatever role I may have played consciously or unconsciously in creating it. However; I cannot allow you to control the rest of my life. I am clearing this now."

Does the science of manifesting really work? Will It Work For Me?

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