Does This Really Work?

Does the Science of Manifesting really work? The answer is yes, as a matter of fact it's been scientifically proven to work, particularly in the field of medicine. It's called the "Placebo Effect".

A placebo is anything that seems to be a "real" medical treatment -- but isn't. It could be a pill, a shot, or some other type of treatment. What all placebos have in common is that they do not contain an active substance meant to affect health. Researchers use placebos during studies to help them understand what effect a new drug or some other treatment might have on a particular condition. For instance, some people in a study might be given a new drug to lower cholesterol. Others would get a placebo. None of the people in the study will know if they got the real treatment or the placebo.

How Does the Placebo Effect Work?

Research on the placebo effect has focused on the relationship of mind and body. One of the most common theories is that the placebo effect is due to a person's expectations. If a person expects a pill to do something, then it's possible that the body's own chemistry can cause effects similar to what a medication might have caused.

For instance, in one study, people were given a placebo and told it was a stimulant. After taking the pill, their pulse rate sped up, their blood pressure increased, and their reaction speeds improved. When people were given the same pill and told it was to help them get to sleep, they experienced the opposite effects.

Experts also say that there is a relationship between how strongly a person expects to have results and whether or not results occur. The stronger the feeling, the more likely it is that a person will experience positive effects. There may also be a profound effect due to the interaction between a patient and health care provider.

The Power of The Mind

The Placebo Effect reflects the power of the mind in the area of thought and belief. Your emotions also play a key role in this because they reflect your state of mind. Just as your thoughts and emotions can have a profound effect on your body, they can also have a profound effect on your life experiences.

Philosophers and scientists have been at war for decades over the question of what makes human beings more than complex robots.

As Rupert Sheldrake points out, "The standard assumption is that minds are located inside heads. But many mental phenomena, including vision, suggest that minds are far more extensive than brains. There is now a large body of experimental evidence for the reality of the sense of being stared at, namely the ability to detect unseen gazes. There is also evidence for the effects of intention at a distance through telephone telepathy, the phenomenon of thinking of somebody just before they call, or knowing who is calling before looking at the caller ID or answering the phone. New evidence also suggests that joint attention can be detected at a distance. Such phenomena make sense if we think of minds as more like extended fields than as processes confined to brains."

Human consciousness, as Oliver Burkeman notes, "...obeys none of the usual rules of science. It doesn’t seem to be physical. It can’t be observed, except from within, by the conscious person. It can’t even really be described."

"What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are." - Tony Robbins

"Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy." - Norman Vincent Peale

"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter." - Max Planck

Mind Power Tools, Technologies and Modalities

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The following is a list of some of the most effective methods that can be used to rewire the brain and the conscious and sub conscious mind to attract and create positive life energy.

Meditation - A simple ten or fifteen minute breathing meditation can help you to overcome your stress and find some inner peace and balance. Meditation can also help us to understand our own mind. We can learn how to transform our mind from negative to positive, from disturbed to peaceful, from unhappy to happy. Overcoming negative minds and cultivating constructive thoughts is the purpose of  transforming meditations. This is a profound spiritual practice you can enjoy throughout the day, not just while seated in meditation.

Mantra - The word mantra can be broken down into two parts: “man,” which means mind, and “tra,” which means transport or vehicle. In other words, a mantra is an instrument of the mind—a powerful sound or vibration that you can use to enter a deep state of meditation. Mantras are like medicine for the soul. When we select a word or series of words to repeat in the form of a mantra, we are affirming it to ourselves and allowing its meaning to seep below the surface, into our subconscious, helping to shift our negative habits and patterns into positive ones. Mantras are done most effectively using Sanskrit. Sanskrit is considered by some linguists to be the “perfect language,” as its correct pronunciation evokes a unique vibration in the Universe, placing into motion whatever you are trying to manifest through your mantra. See Power Mantras.

Higher Self - Your Higher Self is, in simple terms, the highest aspect of you that can be attained and held in the physical body. It is the part of you that knows, sees, and understands at the highest level possible, while the physical part of you still continues to move around in the third dimension.  Anchoring the wisdom of the Higher Self into your physicality is very much a part of our human spiritual evolution and purpose. As you begin to remember yourself and return to higher levels of consciousness, aspects of you and the Higher Self are going to merge very rapidly. As you begin to experience yourself as the merged Higher Self, the greater levels of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that the Higher Self IS begin to be who you are.

First know that you are always connected to your higher self, but what you want to do is consciously reconnect with your higher self.  One method you can use to connect with your higher self is to imagine  going to a garden with a gazebo or a stone bench, and requesting that your higher self sit with you and talk to you. When you first do this, it’s going to feel like you’re imagining the whole thing. The way you can tell when you’re speaking with your higher self instead of your own ego is by the answers your higher self gives you.  When the answers to the questions you’re asking start to sound wiser or more knowledgeable than you usually do, you’re probably talking to your higher self. This can take time and practice.  You need to achieve a high state of consciousness to do this, but with practice this can become quite natural for you.


Creative Visualization - Creative visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to help make dreams and goals come true. Used in the right way, creative visualization can improve your life and attract to you success and prosperity. It is a tool that can be used to alter your environment and circumstances, cause events to happen, and attract money, possessions, work, people and love into your life. Thankfully, their are videos available that can aid in the practice of creative visualization.

Subliminal Programming - A subliminal message just happens to be any message that doesn’t communicate with the conscious mind and instead communicates directly with the subconscious mind. Subliminal Programming involves the sending of positive affirmations to your subconscious mind. When it comes to subliminal audio, it is done by taking the messages and recording them at a frequency of around 16-18HZ, which happens to be just over the frequency that the human ear can consciously interpret.

Getting change with the conscious mind alone can be rather difficult as it likes to resist change, even if it’s for the better. Your subconscious mind is the complete opposite of your conscious mind and it isn’t capable of any logical thinking. Instead it accepts anything sent to it as true. It is also where all your beliefs are stored.

Guided and Self Hypnosis - Hypnosis is widely used by physicians and psychologists in the treatment of physical, emotional, mental, and behavioral dysfunctions. A hypnotic process is underway any time a person’s attention is focused and possibilities are offered for their consideration.

If your attention is focused on a series of suggestions, the phenomena of hypnosis tend to ensue. You enter a light “trance” state. If this is done over a longer period of time, say 10 minutes, you will tend to go to a deeper level, especially if gentle music is playing in the background. Any experience that takes you into a relaxed or inspired state of mind by guiding your focused attention is de facto a hypnotic state, no matter what people may call it. Hypnosis is a process using a particular collection of tools and skills that:

  • Enable a person to move in and out of various states of consciousness.
  • Enable the user to guide awareness (the conscious mind).
  • Are used to enhance or diminish certain patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving, believing, or relating.
  • May affect behavior of the cells of the body, the emotional state, the thoughts and images in the mind, and the belief system.
  • Used properly, can facilitate healing and wholeness at every level of system.

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