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1. The historical evidence identifies Jesus as a member of an Essene Nazirite community who was born and raised on what was once a small communal farm named Nazareth.

2. The earliest Jewish Christian groups we have record of believed Jesus was a gifted teacher and a prophet. They did not believe in a virgin birth or that Jesus was the literal Son of God. They would later be branded as heretics.

3. Within the Gospel of Luke there is evidence of a carefully hidden esoteric code. The existence of the code and what it may reveal about the real Jesus of Nazareth is explored for the first time within the pages of this book. (See Below)

The Joesph Code has been hidden in plain site for almost 2,000 years. What it says about Jesus of Nazareth cannot be found with a cursory reading of the New Testament. The Gospel writers were under the influence of the teachings of the Apostle Paul and knew very little about the real Jesus or his message. The same can be said of the sources that they borrowed from. Due to the textual problems, some critical scholars hold the view that Jesus never existed. In the light of known history, that view is extremely short sighted. Jesus did exist. Unfortunately, his story was written by those who never knew him.

Why everything you were taught or thought you knew about Jesus could be wrong...

Was Jesus Born In Bethlehem?

The Gospels of Matthew and Luke each contain an account of Jesus' birth but they have nothing in common other than the main characters of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Not only are there historical problems within the context of the stories themselves, the stories also impugn each other on numerous points. The origin of these stories can be traced to those outside of the original community who mis-identified Jesus as the literal messiah of David. The context of the Joseph Code does not relay the message of a virgin birth, but the deliberate mixing of three  prominent messianic bloodlines.

Do The Gospels Quote Jesus Accurately?

Some of the original words and teachings of Jesus do survive in the Gospel texts. Unfortunately, many of the quotes attributed to Jesus were the invention of those who tried to cast him as one of their own. In some instances Jesus is characterized as quoting passages that were not contemporary to him, or reciting  passages from the Tanakh that are taken completely out of their original context. Jesus is also quoted as saying things that a believing Jew would never have uttered. The book examines the qoutes than can be traced to the real Jesus and compares them to what was composed later and placed in his mouth.

What Happened Before Jesus Was Crucified?

From a historical perspective the Gospel accounts of Jesus' trial seem to be based on myth, rumor and propaganda. The evidence is clear that whoever composed these stories had no first-hand knowledge of the events described. Jewish and Roman laws are violated repeatedly in the Gospel accounts. It seems impossible that Jesus had a formal hearing before any Jewish court. Pontius Pilate would have been deposed for his role in this affair if the Gospel accounts are accurate. The book examines the real culprits behind Jesus' crucifixion and why the Gospel accounts try to hide or excuse their actions.

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