The Other Side

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The Other Side 

Looking back, it was after I discovered the code, and before I understood it, that a number of strange synchronicities began to take place. I felt as though something from the "other side" was trying to make contact with me. I became curious about the subject of spirit guides, and I found myself captivated by Faerie art. Before long I had acquired a small statue of a Faerie and a Chippewa priestess holding a dream-catcher.

In the same time period, I also found a naked blond-haired Barbie doll taped to the door handle of my Jeep as I headed to work one morning. I found out later that this was intended as a practical joke by a female friend. 


I told my cubicle neighbor at work about it and she volunteered a white dress. Not long after, another co-worker volunteered a doll dressed in red with dark brown hair. I was never a doll collector, but the two managed to brighten up my cubicle and put a smile on the face of those who saw them, so I just kept them there. Much later I would come to understand that those two dolls didn't just "show up". They were placed in my life for a reason.

As time went on I started getting distinct mental images of a group of 4 males and 3 females. The leader of the group appeared to be a male taken from the mold of the wizard Gandalf of 'The Lord of the Rings' movie. One day I sat down with a notebook intending to do a bit of journaling and felt compelled to write down seven names: Armegnon, Felice, Adelyde, Joshua, Hermes, Star and Melody. Following this was a message. "We have all been where you are. We took a different road."

Several years later, while in the bathroom shaving, I was thinking about the fairy lore of Scotland and Ireland. More specifically, I was wondering if the tales may have originated from real encounters, and what might have happened to cause those encounters to cease. Suddenly, in my left ear, I heard a voice, a female voice, and the voice was not happy. "Everything was fine until men started acting like men!" That's all I heard, but what I had heard was delivered quite clearly. My imaginative musings had been interrupted by something very real that knew what I was thinking. Needless to say, I was more than a little surprised by what had happened, so I chose not to try to engage whatever it was that had spoken to me. I knew that I was on someone's radar, but it would be several more years before I would piece together these events enough to understand what was going on around me.

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