The Matrix of Human Experience

It is important to understand that the individual challenges we face in living a truly fulfilled life are a reflection of the same challenges that face humanity as a whole.

Within the human sub-conscious and the realm of the ego and super-ego is a parasitic program that is based on a simple principle: Divide and conquer.

Keeping humanity divided against itself is part of the nexus of control.

It is designed to create the illusion of a fragmented world and a separate self.

Within this illusion is the idea that we are either accidents of nature... The property of the state... Or the capricious creation of an invisible God...

In the end we are left with the idea that we are alone... we are not one with our world...we are internally flawed...the world is fragmented... it is a place filled with things to be grasped at...

We are left with a feeling of uncertainty, helplessness, meaninglessness, the feeling like we’ve lost anything that would have been our own.

... like we are the product of a vast impersonal machine.

In response our ego seeks to protect itself by manipulating and controlling its environment. This includes the manipulation and control of other people, particularly in how they view us.

While grasping for our identity and seeking to protect ourselves we can assume the role of a dominant or passive presence. If the ego feels threatened, almost any action we take in response can be justified as an act of self-defense, an act necessary to ensure our own survival.

While grasping for our identity we descend further and further into self-centeredness.

The illusion of a separate self is at the core of the human dilemma. Working behind the scenes to maintain the illusion is the parasitic ego centric program that has been inserted into the matrix of the human mind. Supporting it are the power elite who want people to accept the separate self illusion because it makes people controllable.


Those blinded by the illusion of a separate self can easily be controlled by a program of systematic coercion. This involves playing on the ego’s fears of being constantly threatened.

In order to keep humanity divided against itself the power elite must create and define an outer enemy and then employ whatever means are necessary to engage people in a continuous struggle against that enemy.

The idea is to keep people divided on national, cultural, tribal, religious, economic, and racial lines.

However, in the words of Albert Einstein - We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

It is possible for any human being to transcend the illusion of a separate self dominated by separation, duality and conflict and rise to a state of consciousness that is based on oneness with the cosmos.


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