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You will find an assortment of products designed to help you improve any and all areas of your life that you may wish to target. These tools can be applied in the areas of spiritual enlightenment, finances, health, relationships, etc. All our recommended products come from reputable sources with a proven track record of producing real results when properly implemented. They are also an exceptional value for the price and some offer free samples. Simply select the product category of interest from the list below to visit the product page. 

Life Transformation

For those who want to transform every area of their life with an all inclusive package of tools and resources, including written material, videos, hypnosis audios and meditations.


For those with a particular interest in manifesting changes in specific areas, be it attracting new opportunities, an increase in income, a business partner, soul mate, or a new career.


Hypnosis, when used on a regular basis, has been shown to be an effective way to re-program the subconscious minds negative programs that prevent us from reaching our full potential. 


Meditation holds some amazing benefits for those that practice it routinely. Since the 1970s, there have been over 3000 scientific studies at over 200 independent universities, all validating the life-changing gains of regular meditation.


The original art of Reiki was developed in the 1920s, by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui. Reiki makes use of the universal energy force Ki, or Chi, and manifests it for self-healing purposes, or to heal others.


Success Masterclass

Are your subconscious beliefs helping or hurting you? Are you cheating yourself out of success & affluence? Thousands of people worldwide have experienced
remarkable transformations through this workshop.


Subliminal messages are presented “below the threshold” of your conscious mind. So even though you aren’t aware of the information, your subconscious mind picks it up and locks it away in your brain. That’s what makes them such effective and powerful self-development tools.

Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwaves, or neural oscillations, are the electrical pulses in your brain that correspond to what you’re doing, thinking, and how you’re feeling. If you’re happy, focused, or relaxed, you have a pattern. Brainwave entrainment can switch on your desired mind state.

Genius Level Performance

Based on the groundbreaking work of legendary neuropsychologist, Dr. Vladamir Raikov, you can  instantly “inherit” the genius of folks like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Einstein, DaVinci, or that colleague you’ve always admired... just by listening to an MP3. 

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