Law of Attraction Visualization

When Law of Attraction visualization is done correctly it’s like a love affair. You are in the scene, hearing through your ears, seeing through your eyes, tasting with your mouth.

You aren’t watching a picture from the outside, you are living the experience as if it were as real as you are now.

Pull out that big picture (or better yet, the IMAX movie) of your Dream and look at it.

What are you seeing? Is it a big house?
A nice car?
A waterfall on a beautiful island?
A bathtub full of $100 bills?
You and your partner swimming naked in a beautiful in ground pool? (OMG! There’s a helicopter flying over your house! Put your clothes on!)

Then again, this is your Dream! You can park the helicopter in the huge driveway beside your magnificent house, which sits in front of your giant in ground pool that is surrounded by a ten foot privacy fence.

In other words, when you are using visualization, create a movie in your mind. Use your imagination and put yourself in the movie.

Immerse yourself in the scene...

Go beyond just having something.

Visualize how you would use it. Visualize what it can do for you. Immerse yourself in the moment.

Attracting the life you desire requires immersing yourself in the thoughts, feelings and emotions you would have as if it has already become a reality to you.

Gratitude is another key element. Expressing gratitude for your good fortune also changes your vibrational pattern to attract the thing you are expressing gratitude for.

Improving the lives of others is also another component to manifesting your desire. When you use the Law of Attraction with the intent of empowering yourself to help others with the same needs and desires, the Universe will trip over itself to get you what you need!

Networking with like-minded people also helps raise your vibration. You may want to see if there is a Law of Attraction group in your area.

Accelerating the speed at which your desired outcome manifests depends on how much attention you are willing to give it. There is a practical side to this as well. In order to improve your outward circumstances it is first necessary to change what is going on in your own life and mind. It may mean learning a new skill or acquiring knowledge in a specific area. In other words, be open to receiving wisdom, knowledge and guidance from the universe in the pursuit of your dream!

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