The 7 Keys to Abundance

1. Connect With The Cosmos - You must understand that the Cosmos or Universe is not merely a swirling vortex of physical matter. It is a conscious living being. What you see in the Earth and sky is the physical expression of the creativity and intelligence known as the Cosmic Mind or Universal Mind. You may not know at present how to make your dreams become a reality, but the Cosmos, the Universal Mind, already knows exactly how to do it! By making a personal connection with the Universal Mind you are placing yourself in a position to receive that information. For more information see Life Power Training.

2. Raise Your Vibration - To raise your personal vibration to the highest level, it might help to think about someone you love. This could be a significant other, a friend, a child, a pet... whatever causes the emotion of love to surface within you. Practice projecting love to your surroundings and it won't be long before everything around you will become vibrationally saturated with it. For more information see Life Power Training.

3. Eliminate Limiting Beliefs - Do whatever it takes to get rid of anything in your belief system that might hinder you or hold you back. These may be beliefs passed on to you through generations of wrong thinking. You may not even realize that you are holding on to these limiting beliefs on a subconscious level. Some may even quote the Bible or other religious text to support the idea that poverty and lack is somehow to be equated with "spirituality".

Q. Doesn't the Bible teach that money is the root of all evil?

A. No, it doesn't! "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil." - 1 Timothy 6:10

If money was really the root of all evil, why would any church pass around offering plates to collect it? The point of this passage is that if you love money above everything else, your life will be out of balance. Greed and selfishness will rule your thinking. True abundance is not motivated by greed and selfishness, but the desire to give and to serve.

We need to face the facts. Poor people can't help poor people. The homeless can't shelter the homeless. The starving can't feed the starving. Only good people with MONEY can do that! You may have heard people say, "I don't really care about money, I'm spiritual." Well, you can't buy groceries, feed your children, put a roof over your head or put gas in your car with your spirituality. Heaven is the only place we know of where everything is free. So, if you aren't in Heaven, you need money!

In the meantime, while you were reading this, the Universal Mind was busy creating entire galaxies and millions of stars and planets in addition to what is already out there! Do you know of any farmer who plants a seed expecting to get only one seed back in return? If the Universe and Nature are telling us anything, it's that abundance is the rule rather than the exception!

4. Be Willing To Learn - In order to be successful, it helps to surround yourself with successful mentors and learn from them. This is why we feature educational products produced by some of the best in the business.

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5. Be Willing To Serve - If you want to be truly successful, you must be willing to help others less fortunate than you are. Many attempt to use what is known as the Law of Attraction to get what they want. Because they have not raised their vibration adequately many are having only limited success. However, if you seek abundance not only to help yourself but are also committed to helping others, the Cosmos, the Universal Mind, will trip over itself to get you what you need!

6. Be Willing To Succeed - This may surprise you, but many people derail themselves because they fear the responsibility and change success might bring! On some level, it’s more comfortable to stay in a familiar situation. This can be true for some even if that familiar situation doesn’t feel so great on the surface. Achieving success means you are entering uncharted territory. You are putting yourself out there to be scrutinized and criticized, and exposing yourself to new pressures and demands. It’s only human to wonder whether you’ll be up to the challenge. There may be a small anxious part of you that would rather not take the risk.

Whatever choices you make, if you achieve any kind of public success, it’s a sad fact that someone, somewhere will be thinking and saying nasty things about you. You need to remember that in most cases you would never be willing to trade your lifestyle with the lifestyle of your critics. Keep in mind that the world is full of critics, but very few of them are experiencing much in the way of real wealth and abundance.

Because we often put successful people up on pedestals, the idea of becoming successful can feel daunting. You may start to worry that you’ll turn into someone your friends and family won’t recognize or like. However; if you are vibrating love to the Cosmos you can be sure that love will come back in return. You can still be the person you’ve always been to family and friends. If they react negatively to your success, they are the ones who have the problem. Just don't hold it against them. If you are still projecting love toward them they will either come around or become so uncomfortable with their own feelings that they won't be able to stand in your way.

7. Expect Miracles - When you are in tune with the Universal Mind you will find that your expectations of what is possible will take a giant leap forward. You won't be daunted by the idea that a miracle could be waiting just around the corner. On the other hand, you also aren't placing any limitations on exactly how or when that miracle might take place. When you are basking in the glow of the vibration of love you will instinctively be aware of a very real and tangible positive energy surrounding you. You cannot make or force a miracle to happen. If you could it wouldn't be a miracle would it? However, you can allow miracles to happen quite naturally by opening your heart and mind to the endless possibilities the Universe can create in your life!


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