New book “The Joseph Code” reveals thousands of years old secret Biblical code.

“The Joseph Code” discloses and reveals an ancient Biblical code that was created to protect the true identity of Jesus of Nazareth. The code was created to preserve Jesus' identity in response to those who were attempting to change it to suit their views.

Inspirational speaker and researcher in the field of human development, Timothy Miller has recently released a breakthrough book which reveals the greatest story that Christianity never told. Discovered through a historical investigation into the New Testament accounts of Jesus' life, the new book brings to the light a centuries-old code hidden in the Gospel of Luke. Titled “The Joseph Code,” the book fully reveals for the FIRST time the sacred code that has been hidden in plain sight for centuries.

The hidden genealogy of Jesus

“The Joseph Code” explores the hidden genealogy of Jesus of Nazareth. The code seems to debunk the New Testament accounts orchestrated by those who co-opted the early Jesus movement. It also enlightens us with the revelation of an ancient truth & wisdom teaching echoed in portions of the Biblical text and the Qumran scrolls. The book explains that whoever composed the “Joseph Code” is setting the record straight as to the true identity of Jesus, not as a virgin born Son of God, but as the product of a triune Messianic bloodline.

“The book is not a work of fiction. It’s a documentation of the findings gathered from a personal investigation into the life of Jesus and the origins of the gospel accounts contained in the New Testament. I first discovered what I now believe to be “The Joseph Code” almost fifteen years ago while investigating and comparing the genealogies found within the gospels of Matthew and Luke,” stated the author while clarifying any possible misunderstanding of the book as a fictional work similar to The Da Vinci Code.

A community of Essene Nazirites

The result of several years of research, Mr. Miller’s new book starts with the documentation of a community of Essene Nazirites who lived two thousand years ago. True believers in God and humanity, the people of the community shared their message of love and peace to the inhabitants of Roman-ruled Palestine. Over time, history witnessed the emergence of two gifted leaders from their camps in Judea & Galilee - John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth. These revered leaders began spreading their sacred message to all who would listen.

Things took an ugly turn when those in power started to view these spiritual trailblazers as a threat to the established authority. Eventually, both of these leaders were sentenced to death. One of them managed to survive with the help of near ones who continued the legacy of spreading the divine message.

A struggle for power

As time went on, those outside the original group grasped the power of the message and began to change it to suit their own agenda. They also saw to it that those who originally founded the movement would have their identities altered.  In the process their story was rewritten. As a result, those who knew and followed the original teaching were  denounced as heretics by the Christian orthodox church.

In an attempt to keep the spirit of the original message alive, a code was developed. The code was placed within a document that ultimately found its way into the Gospel of Luke. The code has been hidden in plain sight for centuries but is fully revealed for the first time within the pages of this book.

The Joseph Code Explained

The book explains that whoever composed the code was using a numeric system developed by the famous Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. The Pythagorean system employed triangles that would be formed using rows of fours, threes, or twos. The triangle was used to compute numerical equations that would be interpreted as telling a story. The book reveals that the "Joseph Code" is an arrangement of names using a variation of Pythagorean numerology to tell a story and deliver a message.

The book also details that the "Joseph Code" is situated within a grid of 42 names. The grid is constructed using a hebdomadal system based on the number 7. In this scenario, multiple values could conceivably be applied to a single name. The hebdomadal grid of 42 names served as the base for the  formation of the code and adds another level of esoteric meaning to the names that make up the code. Taken as a whole, the message the code reveals is surprising and compelling.


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