High Strangeness At Nazca

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High Strangeness At Nazca

High Strangeness At Nazca

Chariots of the Gods

In 1968, Erich von Däniken wrote “Chariots of the Gods”, a book based on the hypothesis that the technologies and religions of many ancient civilizations were given to them by ancient astronauts who were welcomed as gods. The book was translated from the original German by Michael Heron. Included in this work was an exposition on the strange Nazca lines that can only be fully appreciated when viewed from the air. In the early 1970’s a documentary film released in Germany as “Erinnerungen an die Zukunft” was based on what had by then become the best-selling book “Chariots of the Gods”. This film was later edited and re-released in 1973 for U.S. television as “In Search of Ancient Astronauts”. It can be viewed on YouTube at https://youtu.be/6OZi_DKR0ZU

Was Erich von Däniken on to Something?

Mainstream archaeologists largely dismissed von Däniken’s work as pure fantasy. However, in the spring of 2017, researchers began a scientific inquiry into the origins of six, three-fingered mummies found in a grave site near Nazca, Peru. Although not mummies in the classical sense, as the internal organs were not removed, DNA evidence has shown that these are the preserved physical remains of humanoid beings that do not belong to any life forms ever known to have existed on this planet. The bodies were preserved by the diatomaceous earth that was used to cover the skin of these beings at burial, giving them the appearance of being painted white.

Access to the humanoid beings was provided by a man named Mario, a locally well-known grave robber whose activities are technically illegal. He has been very secretive about the exact location of the burial site as he fears that certain authorities would swarm the site, remove the remaining evidence, and then try to claim the whole thing was a hoax.

High Strangeness At Nazca – An Extraordinary Discovery

Preliminary results from tests performed on the largest mummy’s anomalous hands, cross-examined against the rest of the body, revealed no evidence to indicate a hoax. Scientists found the largest mummy, named Maria, to be female and carbon dated her at roughly 1,700 years old. Strange metal implants are also visible in X-rays performed on the bodies. These findings are the subject of the documentary series “Unearthing Nazca” produced by Gaia.com.

Among the large team of scientists, biologists, forensic analysts, biophysicists, radiologists, medical doctors and archaeologists who have examined the remains are Dr. Edson Salazar, a Peruvian medical surgeon who has participated in the investigation from the very beginning. He has observed the bodies in great detail. During an interview in 2017 Salazar said, “We are facing the discovery of a new species never before described in scientific literature.” [1] Dr. Jose’ de Jesus Arce is a prestigious forensic scientist from Mexico, considered to be an authority in his field and an expert in the anatomy of organic beings. He commented that “The origin of this species we cannot determine, given that it is the first of its kind that we have seen in physical form… that we haven’t seen, that doesn’t exist, that is not recorded, and that has no precedent on Earth’s surface.” [2]

Journalists View The Evidence

Jois Mantilla is a Peruvian journalist who participated directly in the investigation. He observed the discoveries that were made in the case step by step. “This is one of those discoveries that ten consecutive generations of journalists could wait for and it would never happen to a one.”, he said. [3] Fernando Correa, a Mexican journalist who has also followed the investigation said, “Everyone who has had these in their hand has said they are flesh and blood. They have skin. They have organic tissue. The X-rays are blatantly clear.” “Once this evidence is recognized by the scientific community, history will change. Books will have to be modified.” “…I can consider myself fortunate to understand that what was hidden by powerful governments over many decades has now brimmed over.” [4]

Words From A Skeptical Archaeologist

Daniel Marino, an archaeologist from Spain, joined the team in an attempt to prove that the discovery of the bodies was a fake. “The scientific society is divided, and many people will not believe it. But, look, from our side as scientists, when we say something different that breaks with chronology, for us it’s chaos. It’s a scientific attack for our colleagues who think differently. And they will, or they will try, if we demonstrate that it’s not a fake, they will try to demonstrate that it is a fake. Even if they have the evidence.”

At least Marino is being honest. His words clearly reveal that the modern scientific community is more interested in protecting its own dogmatic turf than it is in breakthrough discoveries that would completely overturn its outdated apple cart. “But the proof, for example… now I just limit myself to Mario. It’s different and I’ve seen it’s impossible for it (the evidence) to have been altered. The results are the results… the bodies are there. Whether people believe it or not is something personal.” [5] Marino went on to state that, “Even if they hide it, there are too many people already involved. And the results cannot be hidden, nor the evidence. They can take away the creatures, but there it is. A lot of people are already seeing it.” [6]

You can view these amazing photos [HERE]

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