The Secrets of an Ancient Code 

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Since writing the book "The Joseph Code", more information has come to light concerning the origin of the code and the power it holds for those who embrace it.

The Ancient Code 

When I first discovered the structure of the Joseph Code, of course I thought the origin of it could be dated to the 1st century CE. However, I kept getting the intuitive impression that the code itself was patterned after an alchemic diagram that was much older. The name Joseph in the code forms a triangle, and of course the shape of a triangle is reminiscent of a pyramid.  When one thinks of a pyramid, the Great Pyramid of Giza comes to mind. Well, to make a long story short, I kept getting the impression that there was a connection between the design of the code and the design of the Great Pyramid. At first I dismissed the idea until one day I felt prompted to inquire as to the height of the Great Pyramid. According to most sources the Great Pyramid was 481 feet tall including the gold pyramidion that once rested on the top. Breaking this down using esoteric numerology 4+8+1=13. The positions occupied by the name Joseph in the Joseph Code by row are 6+1+6=13. This seems odd since no one in ancient Egypt was using a yard stick. I also discovered that the Great Pyramid covers 13.6 acres. As previously noted, the total positions occupied by the name Joseph in the Joseph Code by row equal 13, and the base of the Joseph triangle is in the 6th row of names... 13/6. What the...?

Furthermore, there are three main chambers in the Great Pyramid; a subterranean chamber, the Queen's chamber and the King's chamber. The positions of the name Melchi in the Joseph Code reflect the general position of the subterranean chamber and the King's chamber in the Great Pyramid. There are also two V-shaped shafts in the Great Pyramid just as there are two inverted triangles in the Joseph Code. The apex for one of those inverted triangles is Melchi, the other is Neri. The two V-shaped shafts in the Great Pyramid intersect the King's chamber and the Queen's chamber. In making these comparisons, I'm not persuaded that the Joseph Code was based on the design of the Great Pyramid. However, I do believe that the design of the Joseph Code and the Great Pyramid were borrowed from an ancient alchemic diagram.

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The main stream view is that the Great Pyramid was built to serve as a tomb for the pharaoh Khufu. The complete lack of ornamentation and the complex construction and arrangement of multiple chambers and shafts within the pyramid argues against this. Master craftsman and engineer Christopher Dunn has published a book entitled “The Giza Power Plant”, in which he provides evidence that the Great Pyramid was used as an energy generator. Personally, I'm siding with Christopher Dunn on this one.

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