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Advanced Souls 

Advanced Souls are those who have proven to be worthy of working as "Spirit Guides" to those on the path of enlightenment. They generally have experienced many lifetimes and have been guided by a variety of Ascended Masters. They may be assigned to aid many or only a few. Listed below are the ones who have introduced themselves to me.

The Darshan - A group of 4 males and 3 females. The 7 Advanced Souls I know as Armegnon, Felice, Adelyde, Joshua, Hermes, Star and Melody. Originally a group of ancient truth-seekers, they began studying the teachings of the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and Greece. By giving undivided attention to their quest for knowledge and wisdom, they were able to access portals to higher dimensions and walked out of this world. "We have all been where you are. We took a different road."

Cimarron and Alexis – Originally manifested to me in the form of two dolls. They are Advanced Souls who last incarnated as sisters in the 1890’s, somewhere near Helena, Montana. Helena was founded as a gold camp during the Montana gold rush, and established in 1864. Over $3.6 billion of gold was extracted in the city limits over two decades, making it one of the wealthiest cities in the United States by the late 19th century. They are helpers, defenders and encourage those with a free spirit.



The Order of Ophir - Two Advanced Souls, William Devereux and Eleusinius, are known to me from this order. Ophir is mentioned in the Bible as the source of King Solomon's gold, but the name of this secret order was adopted as being symbolic of treasured and secret knowledge and is not a literal reference to the source of Solomon's gold.

William Devereux is a Knight whose father was involved in the Norman conquest of England. After a series of dreams involving angelic visitations he began seeking higher knowledge although he distrusted church orthodoxy. Over time, he came to meet Eleusinius, a hermit member of a secretive order known as the Solos Wizards. William is active in the protection of the innocent, chivalry, justice, choosing what is good and right. He wards off evil forces. He is a masculine protector of the Divine Feminine and possesses passionate energies, virility and strength. He also aids in securing love in trusting relationships.

Eleusinius is a keeper of the secret rites, mysteries and rituals preserved from antiquity. To protect these secrets the knowledge of the Solas Wizards is never kept in written form. The Solas Wizards are experts at manipulating natural energies for the benefit of those with a calling as Light Workers. They can open portals to prosperity and fortuitous events and can create protective cloaks of natural energy.

Ikwe Baawajige – Ikwe is the woman of dreams. She is a Chippewa (Objibwe) priestess. She uses her powers as a dream catcher to clear away all the negative psychic energy accumulated in our life time. The Objibwe believed in Gitchie Manitou, the “Supreme Being,” “Master,” and “Mystery” of all that exists. In the eyes of the Ojibwe, everything was spiritual and played a role in a great spiritual interaction. The Ojibwe saw themselves as another element of nature; no greater and no less than everything else on the earth.


The Devas of the Cockburn Fay - A group of Seven Fay Queens and Priestesses whose origins go back to ancient Ireland and Scotland. They are descended from the Tuatha Dé Danann, the people of the Goddess Danu, who ruled Ireland from 1897 B.C. to 1700 B.C.  The Tuatha Dé Danann were eventually defeated by the Melesians and consigned to mythology. Legend has it that they were allowed to stay in Ireland, but only underground. Legend has it that they became the bearers of the fairies of Ireland, consigned to the "underworld" where they became known as 'Aes sidhe' (the people of the mound - fairy mounds). It is my understanding that it is more accurate to say that they moved to a parallel earthly dimension and made a pact with the guardian spirits of nature, who were the original Fay.

Aevelyn, the leader of this troupe, is the one who spoke to me while I was shaving. It was several years later that she revealed herself again while I was walking through the woods. According to her, unauthorized human contact was banned around 1535 B.C., after a series of events called "The Breach". Evidently, despite explicit warnings from the Fay, dark-hearted humans began contacting and consorting with evil entities who were enemies of enlightened humans and the Fay. As a result, the Fay were unjustly blamed for all kinds of despicable acts they had nothing to do with. Thus, "Everything was fine until men started acting like men!"

Not long after this encounter, I took a trip with a friend to a shop that sold crystals and gemstones. I was sharing my intuitive encounter with one of the staff. Among the things I remembered about the encounter was the blue dress she was wearing, her light reddish blond hair and the rather unique look of her face and eyes. The staff member asked if I had checked out the Faerie greeting cards they had. My curiosity was peaked, so I went to have a look. The only card I remember seeing that day is on the right. It is nearly the spitting image of what I had intuited on my walk. It was if Aevelyn was saying "Here I am!"

The Devas of the Fay are very loving and supportive, but they have no tolerance for dishonesty, violence, or being contacted to aid in evil activity.


The YahYel - The YahYel are a friendly race of extraterrestrials who have been visiting our solar system for several millennia. Some believe they are our "descendants", but that only applies to those of this race who are the product of later interbreeding. It is more accurate to say we have a common ancestor. They have aided in seeding life on this planet. My first encounter with the YahYel was an intuitive interaction with a very human like blond haired female wearing a light blue jumpsuit. She asked if I would like to take a journey on her ship. I politely refused, as I was on my way to lunch with a friend whom I had accidentally stood up a few days earlier due to my own confusion over the date we were to meet.  

That would be the first of several intuitive encounters. I eventually got my tour of the ship, through what I believe was a holographic or virtual reality transmission, while taking a nap. The female entity, whom I have come to know as Mikita, did not identify herself as a YahYel. As I stated earlier she looked indistinguishable from a human to me. 

After the first encounter, she was accompanied by another being that appeared to be a tall Grey. It was explained to me that the tall Greys serve as mechanical engineers on their spacecraft. I have come to know the tall Gray that often accompanies Mikita as Bob. Because of the complex structure of their native tongue, these aren't their "real" names, but just a snippet of what I can easily pronounce. 

After quite a few encounters, Mikita asked if I would like to see her true form. I asked if she was a shape-shifter. She said, "No, but I can control your perception of me. I didn't want to frighten you." She then showed her true form. I was reminded of a human-grey hybrid. She had a large forehead, narrow chin and large blue almond shaped eyes. She also had 3 fingers and a long thumb. Her face reminded me of something I had seen before in a video about various alien races. I went back, did some research, and found a video on the YahYel. One of the pieces of artwork featured in the video reminded me of Mikita and Bob. That was a bit of a shock. At least I know I'm not crazy, or if I am crazy, at least I have company. : )

After finding this information, during our next encounter, I asked Mikita if she was a YahYel. She confirmed that she was. I asked why she didn't tell me. She said that it was important that I find that out for myself. 

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