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A Portal To The Divine

As I mention in the The Joseph Code, it appears that the code contains a triangular arrangement of three sets or groupings of names. The base of these triangles is identified by repeated names that appear directly across from each other in the first and third columns, with the template being set by the positioning of the name Joseph. The first triangle consists of the linking of the name Joseph. The second is made up of the names Matthat and Neri. The third links the names Levi and Melchi.

If we add the position of these names by column, we have 2+3+6+1+7+8+2+3+6 = 38. When reduced by the two-digit rule 3+8=11. If we add the positions of these names in the hebdomadal grid, we have 2+3+6+15+21+22+30+31+34=164. When reduced by the two-digit rule 1+6=7, 7+4=11. 

Joseph Code Complete

The attributes assigned to the number 11 include it as being the number of the prophet, or Messiah.  Those associated with this number are extremely intuitive, instinctual and charismatic. 11 is also said to be the number associated with faith and psychics. It represents someone who has reached a relatively high state of spiritual evolution and extremely high spiritual attainment.

The distance between the apex and the base of these triangular configurations is 5. This is significant in that five is said to represent the 5th element of ether or aether, the invisible substance behind all physical creation. 

Aether was the fifth element in alchemical chemistry and early physics. Ether or aether was the name given to the element or substance that was believed to fill the universe beyond the physical plane and was used to describe empty space. Modern science has come to refer to it as "dark matter" or "dark energy", due to it being measurable yet invisible. It is all pervading yet invisible to the physical plane. It is nothing and everything simultaneously. The composer of the Joseph Code viewed it as the spiritual essence of the Creator and a portal to the Divine. 

The Ether is the access point to the 9 dimensional planes as symbolized by the 9 pointed star of Joseph. The 1st dimensional plane consists of only the single dimension of length.

Joseph Code Outline

The 2nd dimensional plane consists of both length and width. The 3rd dimensional plane is the plane of depth. The 4th dimensional plane is the plane that we "live" on. It consists of the forward movement of time. The 4th dimensional plane is the one we are on right now. The cross-over is a place where the 4th dimensional entities make their way into the 5th and above. It is often associated with death, yet it is only a cross-over point. In death, all experiential knowledge of the 4th and below dimensions is transcended. If we understand the geometry of the code we can experience the 5th dimension and above without leaving the 4th dimensional plane. We can enter the 5th dimension by sitting quietly and experiencing the wonder of simply being. This can also be referred to as Zero State.

The 5th dimensional plane consists of the backwards movement of time. It reaches beyond the physical. The 6th dimensional plane is the plane of clairvoyance. The 7th dimensional plane is the plane of telekinesis. The 8th dimensional plane is the plane of perception. It is the state of being or process of becoming enlightened and aware of oneness with the cosmos and the ability to work as one with the Cosmic Mind. The Archons, or entities resisting our spiritual advancement, can only function from the 7th plane and below. The Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and Advanced Souls are all working from the 8th dimensional plane.  The 9th dimensional plane is the abode of God or the Cosmic Mind.


All religions that emphasize love and unity have been inspired by the Cosmic Mind. There is no "right" religion or dogma. We are only bound by the limits of our own understanding. We are all one. All the Ascended Masters know this and work together to help us on our path. Consider this passage from the gospel of Luke: 

And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. - Luke 17:20-21

Notice that Jesus does not equate the coming of the kingdom of God to observable signs and wonders, a future second coming, or an apocalypse. That would be added later by those who co-opted his original teachings and changed them to suite their own views. He says quite plainly, "behold, the kingdom of God is within you."

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